About us

We’re a group of innovators combining technology and creativity to build disruptive solutions.

SANKORE 2.0 was born out of the need to help businesses remain innovative in ever changing business environments. We do so by integrating blockchain technology in business operations.
The results?
Enterprises that integrate blockchain technology have enhanced transparency due to the nature of the blockchain. All transactions made are visible for everyone to see. No individual has the ability to temper with records.
Our custom solution are built on the NEAR Protocol. What does this mean for your organization? You get a solution that is secure, cost effective, and sustainable. Just to mention a few.

What we do best.


Are you curious about how blockchain can be adopted into your enterprise or organisation? Reach out to us and have a deep analysis of your organisation to learn how you can remain innovative.


We host events that are aimed at educating people on the opportunities within the crypto and blockchain space. These events are also a great chance for interested developers to connect with SANKORE.

Developer training

Developers interested in blockchain technology have an opportunity of joining us and advancing their skills by building and interacting with the NEAR protocol.


We incubate projects that utilize the NEAR protocol to impact people's lives. Get in touch with us and find out how your MVP can get incubated and even funded.

Kevin- CEO
Kevin - CEO
Alex- Events lead
Alex - Events Lead
Steven- Lead developer
Steven - Lead dev
Victory- Executive assistant
Victory - Assistant
Sylvia - SMM
Magnus - COO