5 Reasons Why Developers Should Learn Web3

Kelly Kigan
April 26, 2022

The blockchain, web3, and crypto space are growing at an unprecedented pace, as our daily lives continue to be impacted by the progression of the internet. Investors are flocking to this space to build the next big projects that may redefine humanity in the next couple of years. The gold rush in the space calls for technical talents, as part of human resource investment. This means there is a huge demand for web3 developers, making it one of the highest paying fields in tech. However, to qualify as a web3 developer, you need to understand the blockchain, web3, and crypto space. You further need to capitalize on the most marketable in-demand skills in web3. In this article, I will talk about why you need to learn about web3 as a developer and demonstrate the top-in-demand web3 skills you need to know. 

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Why Developers Should Learn Web3

Technology experts compare today’s internet to the automotive industry in the wake of the 20th century. In the same way, automotive technology was disruptive, the internet, even though 30 years old, is still in its initial stages, and needs significant improvements. Web3 is slowly taking shape, and critical tech talents are needed in the field. Developers need to acquaint themselves with the technology to help in building the next evolution of the internet. Here are some reasons why developers should learn about web3. 

Why Devs Should Learn Web3

Job Opportunities

Perhaps one of the most exciting incentives to learn about Web3. Learning about Web3 opens a world of blockchain-based roles for web developers. Because Web3 is still in its infancy stage, the demand for developers is high, as well as compensation for their value. Web development is arguably the most in-demand skill in Web3. 

Depending on a developer's programming language, there are immense opportunities available for the developers. The most marketable programming language is Solidity. Solidity is an object-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. Smart contracts make up the core components for blockchain use cases. Therefore learning solidity qualifies you for any blockchain opportunity out there.

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Build Disruptive Technology

Building the future involves providing disruptive technology, that will help resolve habitual concerns facing humanity. It would be a beautiful story for a developer to get engaged in building the future, through building disruptive technology

Web3 is developing and this means the space offers something new to learn every day. Seasoned developers can use their knowledge to add value to the space while learning about new developments in Web3. Web3 is wide and the different sectors including Crypto, DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs just to name a few will provide new experiences even to the most seasoned developers. Learning Web3, therefore, gives a developer a chance to participate in building disruptive technology for the future. 

Unprecedented Growth

There is a tsunami of activity in web3, following the growth of projects, marketplaces, DAOs, metaverses, NFTs, and offerings. All these activities seek to drive the adoption of web3, but also push for higher valuations of their native tokens. Financing is largely available for these activities, as many investors are convinced of the power of web3. Human resource is however a problem, with a large talent gap in the space.

Developers, therefore, need to learn web3, since the various activities in the space, will keep growing, as investors continue to pour money into the different sectors of web3. It gets better as the increased adoption of web3 calls for maintenance of web3 infrastructure. The demand for human resources in the field is lower than the supply and with the continued growth of the space, it would be wise for a developer to jump on the bandwagon to benefit from the growth of web3. 

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Saturation in Web2

Web2 has experienced immense growth in the past decade. Big tech companies including Meta and Google have recorded immense success. However, there are signs that growth has plateaued in these companies. For instance, in Feb 2022, Facebook’s stock price tumbled by 26%. This great loss of market cap indicates a decline of users in the platform, signaling big tech is experiencing saturation. The saturation is not only limited to users but also developers. There is no space to express one’s skills. Web3 is an ideal platform to shift your developer skills as you stand a higher chance of copping a job.

Moral Value

Web3 brings a disruptive technology that seeks to break humanity from capitalism and bring a balance between socialism and capitalism. Big tech companies are worth billions of dollars, and they do not seem to get enough. Big tech companies brought cool apps to humanity for free, only to sell humanity as the product. If we continue to accord power to big tech, our future of humanity is doomed. If developers contribute to building and maintaining the decentralized infrastructure for the next evolution of the internet, the moral value may be restored. This should be incentive enough to join Web3 and bring sanity back to humanity. 

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Top 5 In-Demand Web 3 Dev Skills You must know

Top 5 In-Demand Web3 Skills You Must Know

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts make up the core components for blockchain use cases. Nearly all blockchain use cases rely on smart contracts to perform functions. Decentralized finance, NFTs, Decentralised Autonomous Organizations, and Cryptocurrencies among others rely on smart contracts to complete operations on the blockchain network. Acquiring skills in smart contracts allows you to create decentralized applications (dApps) while you learn the fundamentals of blockchain. The programming languages to learn include solidity (most recommended) and rust. Acquiring these skills makes you job-ready for the many projects seeking tech talents in Web3. 

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Writing Smart Contract Tests

Learning smart contract development itself is not enough. You need to test if your smart contracts run. This skill allows you to test if your smart contract is secure and ready to move to the next phase, for instance, launching. This skill requires a second programming language, most often Java Script. 

Front End Development

Front-end development involves the creation of websites that interact with smart contracts. Blockchain adoption could be hampered due to poor experience from novice users. Once new users encounter complex web pages. Interest in blockchain is lost. Front-end developers come in, to balance the tension between the nature of blockchain and human-centered design. Blockchain applications such as hot wallets, need to be connected to intuitive web pages. It is the duty of front-end developers to harmonize these two entities and ensure users safely interact with the website. Languages needed include Javasrprict, with its framework React.js, which will enable you to build interactive user web pages.

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The Interplanetary File System is a bonus skill that increases your employability in Web3. It is a distributed file system that allows you to arrange files on a decentralized web3. Web resources such as pictures, music, and videos are not just put on the blockchain. You need a decentralized file storage system such as IPFS, that emulates the blockchain. It allows you to store rWeb3 resources such as pictures, videos and music, for use on web3. 


Acquiring the above technical skills is critical in web3, but since web3 is only getting started, you need to complement these skills with the meta-skill. 

A meta-skill is a high-order skill that allows you to engage with functional expertise more effectively. It’s a catalyst for learning and building new skills faster. Meta-skills encompass the emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and intuition that govern how traditional technical skills are deployed. It is critical that you learn how to cultivate essential soft skills that will inspire confidence and generate trust with your prospective employer. Demonstrate that you are willing to learn on the job, and ensure you prove that you learn fast. 


Web development is arguably the most marketable and most in-demand skill in Web3. Developers have the chance, to make the most of this transition from Web2. Web3 is still in its infancy, with unprecedented growth, owing to the expanding projects in different sectors of Web3. Job opportunities and a chance to participate in building the future are among the exciting incentives of joining Web3. It is imperative that developers learn the most marketable programming languages, particularly Solidity to position themselves for the immense benefits Web3 brings. 

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