First SIX Developers To Get 350 USD!

Kelly Kigan
March 28, 2022

Sankore CEO Kevin Imani is giving 350 US Dollars to the first 6 developers to get NEAR Developer Certification in Sankore Academy. This comes after several developers showed interest in learning blockchain certification, and more specifically NEAR Developer Certification. Developers eyeing the prize are already enrolled in Sankore Academy, and the learning unit in Sankore is still taking in more developers and people interested in getting NEAR Certification.

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What is NEAR?

NEAR is a development platform built on a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain designed for usability. NEAR Protocol is cost-effective, with negligible fees in transactions. Transaction fees are 1000x lower for users, while developers get 30% of the transaction fees. The platform is secure, sustained by a thriving ecosystem of validators who maintain the network integrity. NEAR is also user-friendly, one of the most attractive features of the layer-one blockchain, with human-readable account names. 

What is NEAR Developer Certification?

This certification is an opportunity for web developers to earn a certificate of completion that proves their ability to design, develop, test and deploy smart contracts on the NEAR platform. 

This course gives a web developer the ability to perceive Web3 in the context of human history. As a developer, you will explore Web3 and practice in Web3. Exploring Web3 involves writing smart contracts in Rust and Assembly Script. The practical part involves learning to write contracts that control identity and money as the new elements of Web3. 

The course further involves testing contracts using unit and simulation tests. A web developer will also learn to deploy contracts and a sensible user interface. These practical lessons are designed to hone the developer to become well acquainted with blockchain and Web3. Based on the above course material, there is nothing much to the course that a Web2 developer cannot handle. Maybe it's time you registered for the course, and probably get that reward from Sankore CEO.

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What do I need to do to get the Reward?

You only need to register and learn to become a NEAR Certified Developer (NCD). Follow the registration instructions here to get started with the course. You will attend a short onboarding session at NEAR University, then Sankore Academy will take over and guide you through every step of the way. 

Sankore Academy will offer rigorous technical sessions in the course of the certification program. It is imperative that you attend at least 75% of the session. This is to ensure that you benefit from the practical skills, and increase your chances of getting the certification. 

A key requirement to qualify for this reward will be to submit a demo project within one month after enrolling in the course. This will be an assessment to gauge your knowledge and skill in understanding blockchain and Web3. You will be required to attend a technical session with the Sankore team and take them through your project. You must demonstrate understanding of your project, by answering any questions that will come from Sankore technical team. 

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Sankore CEO Kevin Imani is awarding 350 US Dollars to the first 6 NCDs in Sankore Academy. Interested developers should register for the course in NEAR Univerity using the Sankore tag as demonstrated. The developers are also required to attend 75% of Sankore Academy technical sessions. You will be required to submit a demo project within 30 days of enrolling for the course and demonstrate understanding of your project. 

*Editor’s note

Sankore 2.0 is an Africa-focused community integrating the NEAR blockchain with projects and solutions conceived and built by local developers in Kenya. As noted in the content of this blog, Sankore 2.0 seeks to promote the development of Web3 products in Nairobi — for Kenya and for Africa as a whole.

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