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Kelly Kigan
March 21, 2022

Part of what Sankore does is educate and nurture talented individuals to become world-class blockchain developers. Sankore partners with NEAR University to fulfill this mission. The in-house transfer of skills by Sankore seeks to build a community of blockchain developers in Africa. Sankore further conducts workshops and webinars to provide blockchain education to the general population. The education mission led to the birth of Sankore Academy, a unit in Sankore that oversees the training and certification of blockchain developers in Africa.

Certification Programs

NEAR Certification Programs Offered at Sankore

Sankore partners with NEAR University to offer certification programs akin to building the Open Web. Sankore oversees the training, guides African developers through technical sessions, and is around to resolve any concerns learners may face during the journey. NEAR University on the other hand offers the resources and certifications required to complete the courses. Among the certification programs offered include:

NEAR Certified Developer (NCD) - An opportunity for web developers to earn a certification that proves their ability to design, develop, test and deploy smart contracts on the NEAR platform.

NEAR Certified Analyst (NCA) - This course incorporates technical and non-technical users alike to discover the potential of the Open Web and propose meaningful solutions towards its development. 

NEAR Certified Entrepreneur (NCE) - This program teaches you how to develop a blockchain enterprise from scratch.

Based on your current skills and interests, you can choose either program that you seek to pursue, in your journey to understanding the Open Web.

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Onboarding is a constant process here at Sankore Academy. The unit onboards learners who have identified their forte and would love to pursue their respective programs. Paul Otieno, Sankore’s educator, and trainer, guides students after they have identified their areas of interest. 

“We onboard our students in the event they enroll for the respective courses of their choice. In this sense, once a student shows interest in any of the courses, we guide them on how to go about the training. Additionally, we closely monitor their progress to ensure they smoothly go through the training; we also have technical sessions with our students where we learn from beginner to advanced concepts in every particular course. This gives them the confidence to handle real-world projects since they have acquired enough hands-on skills on the technology.”

-Paul Otieno

Sankore monitors your progress, to put you on track towards completing your certification program. The academy further equips you with technical sessions, to furnish you with the confidence to face real-world projects in building the Open Web.

Prerequisites and Registration

Simple registration process

The only prerequisite required is your interest in blockchain. It is time to dispel the prejudices often attached to crypto by learning about crypto. People get scammed because of their ignorance and greed. These have led to prejudices attached to crypto, as some form of mega scam, when in real sense, crypto and the Open Web are the next revolutions. Before putting your life investments in crypto, spend some time with Sankore Academy. 

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The registration process is straightforward. First, review the available programs at NEAR University. Conduct thorough research on each course. Align your interests with the program you need to pursue. 

Once you establish your suitable program, enroll in one of the courses here. You need to use the Sankore tag as the reference. Find out how in this youtube guide by Paul Otieno. Once you complete this process, you will have reserved your seat at Sankore Academy, and Paul will add you to our Academy platform. Remember to join our Telegram community for communications regarding registration and onboarding. 

Learning Process

Perhaps the best part, is we will not bundle you in a classroom and have you follow strict deadlines. The learning process is entirely online and self-paced. However, in as much as the learning is self-paced, Sankore Academy expects your dedication to the learning process. 

Our instructor understands that learning is different for every student. Different factors will contribute to different learning speeds. Some will stay ahead of the rest because they catch fast or because their schedule is very flexible. All the same, Paul will accommodate all the learners and guide them through completion. 

“Our courses are self-paced. As such the students choose to learn at their own pace. We are alive to the fact that we all have different learning paradigms, some get it faster than others while others already possess some experience with the technology as well giving them an upper hand.”

- Paul Otieno

The best time to join Sankore is perhaps after reading this. The learning process is designed to encourage you get skills in crypto, blockchain, and Web3.

Future Prospects

Sankore Academy aims to leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize various sectors of society. The institution seeks to accomplish this mission by equipping learners with in-demand skills that match market standards and consequently introducing them to the ready Web3 market. 

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Final Thoughts from Paul the Educator

Paul has undergone NCD training and holds the bragging rights of being the first NEAR Certified Developer in Kenya. He knows the potential of blockchain and the Open Web and knows that it is possible for your, to learn these skills and seize the endless opportunities in the space. 

“If there is one field in software development that has not experienced saturation of developers, it is the blockchain industry and NEAR blockchain in particular. Earn yourself a NEAR Certified Developer certification to open your door to endless transformative opportunities.”

- Paul Otieno


Sankore Academy is live and learners are in session. We are waiting for you. To guide you to become a world-class blockchain developer, to speak in NEAR, to build a blockchain business from scratch. We intend to equip you with in-demand blockchain skills and prepare you for Web3 opportunities. Registration is free and learning is self-paced. Choose a certification program that aligns with your interests and skills and start your journey at Sankore Academy.  

*Editor’s note

Sankore 2.0 is an Africa-focused community integrating theNEARblockchain with projects and solutions conceived and built by local developers in Kenya. As noted in the content of this blog, Sankore 2.0 seeks to promote the development of Web3 products in Nairobi — for Kenya and for Africa as a whole.

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