Sankore Bounty Ecosystem (SBE)

Kelly Kigan
January 28, 2022

They say practice makes perfect and Sankore certainly believes this to be true. It is for this reason that Sankore is launching the Sankore Bounty Ecosystem (SBE). The Sankore Bounty Ecosystem (SBE) is a self-governed community that engages talents with tasks and rewards them for their skills. The blockchain sphere and NEAR Protocol are wide concepts and technologies, and just learning about them on paper is not sufficient. These technologies need constant practice to understand their dynamics. There are immense opportunities offered in the blockchain sphere and NEAR Protocol, but the only way to harness these opportunities is to understand the subtleties of the technologies¹. Sankore is launching an ecosystem that seeks to engage and reward talented individuals for their skills.

SBE Concept

Sankore will announce new tasks on the company’s weekly newsletter, discord, and telegram channels. The tasks will be claimed on the Sankore Bounty Ecosystem (SBE) DAO. The process of claiming and executing tasks is simple and abbreviated as CCPR. First, a member of the community chooses any available task that will be presented in an excel sheet. Remember tasks will be announced weekly on our newsletter, discord, and telegram channels, all accessible through Sankore. Second, the member who chooses the task is obliged to complete the task. The third step is to prove that you did the task to completion. You can do this by writing a short post on the GOV forum with the tag #SBE or #SANKORE_BOUNTY_ECOSYSTEM. You can access the GOV forum through

Following completion of the first three steps, you can finally request you NEAR on DAO called Sankore.bounty.ecosystem.dao. Your NEAR will automatically be transferred to your wallet after two out of three council members approve your request. You will not be able to receive your NEAR if two out of three council members reject your request. Each council member that disapproves of your request is obliged to publish the reasons that led to their decision.

SBE Coordination

The council team will be made up of three people, one from the Sankore core team, and two others from the engaged community members with ideal local representation. This composition will undergo a monthly rotation, to maintain the integrity of the process. The mission of the council board is to vote, either an approval or a rejection for the proposal for reward. The council is also supposed to approve new tasks every week and suggest how to improve the DAO. There will be a biweekly call with the council members to ensure the SBE mission and code of conduct are upheld. SBE Council will have a whip, who will be the watchdog ensuring seamless voting and compliance with the SBE code of conduct.

Clarifications Points

Right now you must be wondering how can a local active community have its own DAO? Well, the conditions for the local community to manage its own DAO will be set by the community members². Okay, and what happens if the monthly budget is exhausted before the end of the month? In this case, the DAO automatically does not allow any new reward claims until the end of the month when the budget is updated. The council board will however put in place measures to avoid such occurrences. And what happens when a reward claim is neither approved nor rejected? The role of the whip is primary in this case, where it is their role to do due diligence and prevent this from happening. If this happens, a discussion on the measures to be taken will be held upon request by the whip. The community will be updated on the proceedings of the discussion via minutes.

Practical experience is perhaps the best way to learn a new concept. Blockchain and NEAR Protocol technologies are wide concepts, and learning them through executing simple tasks is an ideal way to master their dynamics. Sankore is allowing you to master the dynamics of these new technologies, by actively engaging yourself in Blockchain and NEAR Protocol.


[1]. What Is Cryptocurrency? (Forbes Advisor, January 2022).

[2]. The core of DAO. What are DAOs in the Web3 world, how do they operate, and how are they built? (Rock ’n’ Block, January 2022).

*Editor’s note

Sankore 2.0 is an Africa-focused community integrating the NEAR blockchain with projects and solutions conceived and built by local developers in Kenya. As noted in the content of this blog, Sankore 2.0 seeks to promote the development of Web3 products in Nairobi — for Kenya and for Africa as a whole

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