SANKORE Pitch Competition Tour — Nairobi Edition

Kelly Kigan
January 28, 2022

Sankore is launching perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities for the African tech-savvy population. The Pitch Competition Tour (PCT) is set to take place in three of the most tech-savvy countries in Africa, complemented with high crypto adoption. Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa will benefit from this project and our main objective of the PCT is to increase NEAR protocol adoption in blockchain and crypto start-ups in Africa. Sankore teams up with CV Labs to support projects that will emerge top in the PCT.

Nairobi PCT

The first PCT will be held in East and Central Africa’s largest city, Nairobi Kenya. Kenya is at the forefront of Africa’s emerging tech landscape and the hub of all this technology is Nairobi City. Kenya’s innovative ICT sector has attracted international businesses and start-ups, to harness the economic potential of the country. These factors align with our goals, as we seek to increase NEAR protocol adoption in blockchain and crypto start-ups in Africa.

Hybrid Event

In respect to inclusivity, we would not want to lock out any interested parties who would want to participate in PCT and know more about NEAR Protocol. The event will therefore be hybridized, with an expected reach of 5000 people via digital media. The webinar will happen one week before the main physical event. Join us on Zoom on the 22nd, January 2022 for the webinar. 100 attendees will be at the physical event, managing the maximum of 100 start-ups participating in the event. The hybrid event will also be ideal for this event at this time following the rise of the infection rates of Covid-19 in Kenya, Africa, and around the world. We are working to ensure a seamless process, from the time the event commences, to when we announce the winners while eliminating risks such as the spread of Covid-19.

Who Should Attend?

First of all, if you’re interested, or even remotely interested in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NEAR Protocol, this is your chance to start learning about these technologies. Blockchain and Crypto startups are encouraged to attend the event, as they create the basis of the competition. The presence of Tech Hubs will be highly appreciated, as their input is critical in this event. Policymakers, both local and national, and especially those well versed with technology and finance, should attend the event, as they will pick tips that will inform their policy-making decisions in technology and finance.

The event further targets Fintech professionals, accountants, and bankers as they are key players in the blockchain space. Academics, college, and university students are encouraged to participate in the event. The competition may work to influence the career choices of college and university students. Local crypto social media influencers will be critical in the event, to help draw these parties to the competition.

When and Where?

The first event of PCT will be held in Nairobi, Kenya. The main event will be held at iHub Kenya on 29th January. The webinar will be held on 22nd January. This first phase will involve project builders, community builders, and investors pitching their projects and ideas via the Zoom webinar. Phase two will physically involve the 10 projects shortlisted from the webinar. iHub Kenya will also be an activation center from 17th to 21st January. Other activation centers include tech hubs and local universities, all of which will be communicated on our social media pages.

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The main event will commence at 5:30 pm and officially kick off at 6:30 pm at the iHub Kenya. All participating parties are encouraged to keep time.

The icing on the Cake

The winner from the Nairobi PCT will benefit from Sankore’s Incubation Program of three months. This incubation program will leverage the winner, placing them in the best position to receive a Fast Grant of up to 50K USD. The other nine participants will have the opportunity to apply for NEAR grants.

Please join us as we seek to harness the talents of the African tech-savvy population, and further expose Africans to more opportunities in blockchain and NEAR.

*Editor’s note

Sankore 2.0 is an Africa-focused community integrating the NEAR blockchain with projects and solutions conceived and built by local developers in Kenya. As noted in the content of this blog, Sankore 2.0 seeks to promote the development of Web3 products in Nairobi — for Kenya and for Africa as a whole

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