Kelly Kigan
March 27, 2022

Sankore NEAR-Meets are local programs for event meet-ups. These meetups are events where locals gather to benefit from blockchain education and network with people in the NEAR ecosystem. People meet to learn, share ideas, network, establish opportunities in the open web, and make Web3 a reality. These meetups are geared towards building the Sankore community, educating participants, and establishing local DAOs in different cities and towns in Kenya. 

Approximately 300 people attended the second NEAR-Meet in Nakuru hosted by Sankore. This was 3 times the number we had in the first NEAR-Meet in Nakuru! This success followed the activations done by the Sankore team on the ground at various higher learning institutions in Nakuru. This second NEAR-Meet in Nakuru brought together students from various institutions including Egerton University, JKUAT - Nakuru, Mount Kenya University Nakuru, and Rift Valley Institute of Business studies. The enthusiasm shown by students from these institutions demonstrates the will among Kenya’s young population to learn about blockchain, crypto, and the open web. 

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Harnessing Opportunities in Web3

Theme of the Meetup was Harnessing Opportunities in Web3

The theme of the NEAR-Meet was - Harnessing Opportunities in Web3. The internet is evolving yet again, ushering in another era, coined Web 3.0. There are immense opportunities in Web 3.0 and there is unmet demand for digital in-demand skills in the space. Sankore, therefore, takes the initiative to hold NEAR-Meets across Kenya, to educate students in higher learning institutions and other interested parties about blockchain, crypto, the Open Web, and the opportunities that exist in these spaces. Sankore community further initiates talented developers into the NEAR blockchain, trains them to become NEAR Certified Developers, and exposes them to the immense opportunities that follow NEAR certification from NEAR University

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Blockchain Education

Speakers at the event: Paul, Sylvia and Kevin

Three key speakers graced the Nakuru NEAR-Meet to educate the lively students about blockchain, crypto, and Web3. Paul Otieno, Sankore’s instructor, discussed blockchain, by first explaining the history of the internet and the origin of blockchain technology. The instructor further discussed NEAR Protocol and the importance of developers today embracing blockchain developer certifications. Sankore social media manager Sylvia Ndunge explored Web3 and the importance of acquiring digital skills. Sylvia encouraged students to arm themselves with in-demand digital skills, as they would harness the ready opportunities that await on the other side. Sankore CEO Kevin Imani enlightened Nakuru peeps about Sankore’s community goal, and Sankore Academy - A Front for Blockchain Education.

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Monthly NEAR-Meets

Sankore Community in Nakuru

Nakuru has always been welcoming, with residents and students ready to learn about blockchain and crypto. Sankore recognizes this enthusiasm and looks forward to holding monthly Nakuru NEAR-Meets to establish a solid Sankore community in the city. Already the Nakuru members joined Sankore’s Telegram channel, to connect with other community members and be part of other initiatives such as the Sankore Bounty Ecosystem. 

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The ready Sankore community in Nakuru is currently leading the formation of a satellite community in the city. Sankore members in the city are proactive and have demonstrated their interests in Sankore’s community initiative through active participation in Sankore’s DAO - Sankore Bounty Ecosystem (SBE). The satellite community is soon set to get its own DAO that will be run autonomously. 


Nakuru NEAR-Meet organized by Sankore was a wholesome event attended by lively students and residents from around Nakuru City. The attendees learnt a lot about blockchain, crypto, and Web3, and were equipped with knowledge on how to harness opportunities in Web3. Sankore seeks to hold more of these monthly meetings and establish a solid Sankore community on Nakuru. Meanwhile, Sankore is coming to a town NEAR you!

*Editor’s note

Sankore 2.0 is an Africa-focused community integrating the NEAR blockchain with projects and solutions conceived and built by local developers in Kenya. As noted in the content of this blog, Sankore 2.0 seeks to promote the development of Web3 products in Nairobi — for Kenya and for Africa as a whole.

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