Top 5 Reasons You Should Join a Blockchain Community

Kelly Kigan
May 4, 2022

It's in everyone's mouth - crypto, blockchain, bitcoin, you name it. You feel like you're probably missing out on something. And yes, you are missing out big time. However, you probably would love to jump on the bandwagon, but are stuck on where to start. You have watched enough YouTube videos, and followed every crypto influencer on Twitter, but for some reason, you still cannot get the hang of it. Maybe there's one last missing puzzle. As with all great things that require teamwork, you're missing a blockchain community, of friends and strangers, with interests alike. In this article, I will discuss the importance of joining a blockchain community as a novice in the space. 

What is a Blockchain Community?

What is a Blockchain Community?

One key difference between traditional finance and Decentralized Finance is a community. Think about this - do you know anyone excited about our traditional banks? Are there Telegram and Discord groups, where people join to discuss what traditional banks are doing in the financial space?

In the crypto space, there are massive Telegram and Discord groups, composed of individuals who share an interest in a particular blockchain project. These groups are active to the point they require moderators, who are paid handsomely, by the way. This goes a long way to showing the importance of these groups and why you should join one.

A blockchain community is essentially an online community that rallies around a core concept, like any community, but further aligns their community with the goals of their projects. For instance, Sankore is a blockchain community that specializes in education and the nurturing of developer talents, while also offering blockchain solutions for governments, institutions and companies.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Blockchain Community

Top 5 Reasons You Should Join a Blockchain Community

Build Trust and a Sense of Inclusivity

Venturing into a new world is often scary, because most times, we are alone. Joining crypto and web3 is a mix of fear and excitement, especially when looking to invest. Once you have identified a project you want to align yourself with, you will need to network with people who have interacted with the project before. You will need tips, and knowledge on how to maneuver the project. You therefore need a community that creates familiarity, to make you interact with the project in question, with ease. You do not have to take the journey alone. Feel at home by joining a community.

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Open Vast Earning Opportunities of Earning

Great money-making opportunities are communicated in blockchain communities. News about money-making opportunities such as Airdrops and Initial Coin Offers spread like wildfires in these communities. Be careful, however, of scams that infiltrate these groups. Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any project.

Sankore as a blockchain community has a program that allows members to earn crypto known as Sankore Bounty Ecosystem. It is an initiative meant to hone the talents and skills of members, while awarding them for their contributions in NEAR tokens. 

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Access a Trustworthy Communication Platform for Crypto Trends

Blockchain and crypto are fast growing spaces, and communication comes from all corners. It is therefore not uncommon for unverified communication with ulterior movies to reach the masses. Fake news and communication are common on blockchain, and they are often meant to mislead prospective investors. Joining a trustworthy blockchain community allows you to access genuine information in the crypto space.

Access Communal Support 

The blockchain space is still new and therefore endless developments are expected in projects. You may be a developer interested in exploring the crypto space. With immense developments and changes in projects, you will need to keep up, and probably access some assistance in your personal projects. A blockchain community does not only provide technical and customer support for members; it opens opportunities to access communal support, for individuals and a project at large.

Network, Share Ideas, Learn

You can never understate the importance of networking, even in online communities. Networking on the web3 opens up many opportunities, in a world where there is a massive talent gap. Sharing ideas in these communities leads to a group of people building something revolutionary. Learning on blockchain never stops. It's a continuous process, and you learn something new everyday. 

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Joining crypto and blockchain should not be a torturous journey that one explores solo. It should be fun-filled, with new experiences every day, made by a community of online friends and strangers. It is important that you join a blockchain community, to get the full experience of the crypto world, harnessing job and money-making opportunities, while avoiding common mistakes newbies make in the space. 

*Editor’s note

Sankore 2.0 is an Africa-focused community integrating the NEAR blockchain with projects and solutions conceived and built by local developers in Kenya. As noted in the content of this blog, Sankore 2.0 seeks to promote the development of Web3 products in Nairobi — for Kenya and for Africa as a whole.

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