What are Sankore NEAR-Meets?

Kelly Kigan
April 19, 2022

Sankore NEAR-Meets are local programs for event meetups. These meetups are events where locals gather to benefit from blockchain education and network with people in the NEAR ecosystem. People meet to learn, share ideas, network, establish opportunities in the open web, and make Web3 a reality. These meetups are geared towards building the Sankore community, educating participants, and establishing local DAOs in different cities and towns in Kenya.

Global becomes Local

Sankore NEAR Meets are designed to connect the local community to the global platform. The world is no longer restricted by geographical boundaries. Systems are fast shifting to online platforms, and more people are embracing remote work, particularly with the advent of Web3. Sankore educates the local communities in the NEAR meets and opens up opportunities to the locals in the Web3 world. It gets better because Web3 shifts focus to remote work, with opportunities solely awarded on the basis of skills. Developers, digital markets, content creators, writers, and other skilled personnel in the online realm get a chance to work for notable organizations from around the world. There is an unmet demand for these skills in Web3, and Sankore is up in arms to help educate and onboard Kenyans to Web3. 

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An Expanding Ecosystem

NEAR ecosystem is rapidly expanding on a global scale. Crypto adoption is on the rise, and users are looking for faster, secure, scalable, and extremely cheap blockchains. NEAR Protocol checks all these boxes, and this has attracted not only users but also contributors to the blockchain such as developers. This only means that NEAR is set to scale holistically, from its performance to its users. 

Virtual communities in the NEARverse have contributed to the immense growth of the NEAR Protocol. However, to build a holistic ecosystem NEAR Protocol believes that it is critical to bring In Real Life meetups to local communities, and give prospects the real feel of what NEAR is about. It is for this reason that Sankore has been conducting, and continues to hold NEAR Meets across Kenya. 

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Sankore NEAR Meets

Why you need to attend Sankore NEAR Meets

Apart from innovation and building disruptive solutions for problems affecting Africa, Sankore hosts events - dubbed NEAR meets and also does developer training. The events hosted by Sankore are aimed at educating people about Web3, blockchain, and crypto, and consequently, expose them to the immense opportunities available in the spaces. The events target people interested in blockchain and crypto but lack an idea of where to start. The events further target developers, who wish to transit from Web2 to Web3, and establish their ground in Web3.

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Training Developers

Who should attend Sankore NEAR Meets?

Sankore establishes good relations with developers who attend Sankore NEAR Meets. This often sparks an interest in developers to explore blockchain technology. Starting off as a developer in Web3 can sometimes be a humiliating experience, as one enters a realm where they lack experience. However, Sankore does a good job to initiate the developers to blockchain, through consistent training at Sankore Academy. Currently, developers continue to join Sankore Academy to advance their skills by building and interacting with the NEAR Protocol. 

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Future Prospects

Sankore NEAR meets are always overwhelmingly attended. This calls for a future plan of action for the events. The numbers keep growing, and Sankore accommodates all interested in Web3. As NEAR Protocol moves from global to local, Sankore seeks to establish Decentralized Autonomous Organizations in cities and towns in Kenya, where local groups are well established. This will facilitate easier initiation and management of interested individuals and developers to Sankore and NEAR Protocol at large.


How do I Participate in Sankore NEAR Meets

How to participate in Sankore NEAR Meets

There are no prerequisites to attend one of our events. All you need is an interest in blockchain, crypto, and Web3, or be a developer interested in exploring the blockchain realm. You also need to keep tabs on our community for information regarding our next visit. Sankore announces the next visits on all their socials. Meanwhile, you can attend Sankore online conferences and make the most of the opportunities, get educated, and meet and connect with other participants from Kenya and around the world. These meetups offer you networking opportunities. Networking is one sure way of opening the greatest doors in Web3.

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Sankore NEAR Meets brings the global NEAR Protocol community to your local town. Virtual communities and meetups are great as they connect individuals from all over the world. However, you cannot understate the power of physical meetups, particularly in explaining new concepts to prospects and in building networks. Sankore is out to bring individuals and developers to blockchain, crypto, and Web3, through physical meetups in Kenya. 

*Editor’s note

Sankore 2.0 is an Africa-focused community integrating the NEAR blockchain with projects and solutions conceived and built by local developers in Kenya. As noted in the content of this blog, Sankore 2.0 seeks to promote the development of Web3 products in Nairobi — for Kenya and for Africa as a whole.

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